Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Portfolio List

From Nadia's drawing classes:
-3 perspectives from the pictures brought in, (1, 2, and 3 point)
-2 interior perspectives from dorm room (1, and 2 point)
-9 architectural hardware at 3 distances drawings (the ones from the lobby)
-house shadowing in perspective exercise
-light fixtures drawings

From Stoell's drafting classes:
-orthographic/ 3D shapes excercise
-2 plan/topographic drawings
-1 woodland chapel poche drafting
-1 Venturi House 1st floor drafting/lettering assignment (poche'd drawing)
-2 house elevation/ trees drawings (one without the trees for depth, and one with the trees)
-1 north arrow/scale exercise
-1 site plan drawing of home (from Google Earth)

Make sure to have all these items on your blog in some fashion as well. If you have any questions about these don't hesitate to ask. Also it will beneficial for you to include extra work you have done from this class (that was not in the previous portfolio check), as well as drawings from studio assignments. If you decide to do this be sure to make sure everything is organized properly.


Nicole said...

Didnt we do the architectural and light fixture drawings before the midterm?

Carlos Smith said...

Yes those architectural hardware, space and light fixture drawings were from the midterm. Those shouldn't be required again right?

allisonwilson said...

Did midtown or Stoel's second group do the houses with and without the trees?

allisonwilson said...

....actually a bunch of this stuff isn't the same for the two different groups...

*Cat*Nicole* said...

The architectural and light fixtures were from before midterm; they left out the sharpie thumbnails of our sticks and twigs; stoel's first group didnt do one of the lettering things; nadias first group had a bunch of diffrent things from her second.

Nicole said...

alli I never did stoels drawing without the trees. we weren't asked to.

allisonwilson said...

-house shadowing in perspective exercise ...? what is this one? we did shadowing with a box?

-2 plan/topographic drawings..does anyone know what this one is??

I think the tree/no trees one is the one where we did a site plan with topographical line and we focused did one lighter and one darker.

are yall going to include the ones that are listed that we already put in for last semester?

Bray Holbrook said...

does anyone know what the house shadowing from Nadia's group is?

Rebecca Ladd said...

Oh good so I'm not the only one really confused with a couple of things in Nadia's work and Stoel's work that South-side wasn't asked to do.

Should we talk to them before class to get that straightened out?

allisonwilson said...

I emailed them so hopefully someone will let us know... before we fail...

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